International Consultants

Dr. Mario I. Blejer

Dr. Graciana del Castillo

MAG is a group of international consultants specializing in the analysis, assessment, and policy advice on macroeconomic and financial issues of particular concern to emerging markets and countries coming out of crises, including those coming out of major financial crises, war or natural disasters. MAG’s partners have had senior-level associations with international organizations, central banks, governments, rating agencies, and the private sector, and are now in a position to provide independent strategic consulting targeted to the needs of particular clients.

MAG’s partners and project-related teams combine unusual professional capabilities and regional specialization in issues relating to macroeconomic policies (fiscal and tax policies, central banking, exchange rate and trade policies), financial and capital markets, domestic and foreign direct investment, risk analysis, debt and exchange rate management, and economic reconstruction of war-torn or chaos affected countries. MAG partners advise on mergers and acquisitions or other foreign investment, both to local companies and banks that want to acquire strategic partners and to foreign investors that want to invest in the region.
MAG’s clients include international organizations, governments and private and public institutions. The independence of its research and policy advice allows it to provide a second opinion, even to banks and other institutions that have their own research and investment teams. For this reason, MAG always keeps the identity of its clients confidential. In addition to its independent views, MAG’s comparative advantage lies in its ability to perform cross-country comparisons and analyses, and to draw from a variety of policy experiences. With a large data bank of top international experts in different areas and in different countries, MAG recruits the best available experts to address specific issues. Because of the low fixed costs of not having permanent staff, MAG can offer specialized services and independent opinions at competitive rates.

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